Damp Control

Damp control

The presence of damp in a house is one of the most problematic issues that can occur with the home’s structure, and is something that needs addressing more or less immediately. Sourcing damp control from the professionals at Bio-Kil can help ensure that you are not left with more extensive, costly problems within your house.
What can cause damp within a house?
The primary cause of damp in a home is condensation, which is why rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen are often the first places where it will be found. However, this is not the only thing that can cause damp in a house. All too often, it will come from water in the ground that travels up into the structure of the house due to inadequate damp proofing; this can and does happen anywhere on the ground floor of a house, and necessitates immediate damp control work from an expert.
How can I tell if damp control is needed in my home?
There are a few telltale signs of damp within a home, and any of these will draw attention to the need for prompt action. If you see any of the following, do not hesitate to call a Bio-Kil professional for further assistance:
Dark or discoloured patches on internal walls
“Tide marks” anywhere on internal walls
Paint that is “blistering” or coming loose, especially low on the wall
Wallpaper that is “bubbling” or peeling
Plaster that has begun to “flake” and fall away, or become stained
Cracks, or wet patches on interior walls - these may be worse after rain
If you have noticed any of these issues, make a note of where they are and how extensive, and tell our experts everything you have identified in the surrounding area.
Are damp issues common?
For residents of Bournemouth and the wider Dorset area, the threat of issues such as the above and the need for prompt remedial action is all the more likely. It’s an inescapable fact that homes in coastal regions are more likely to be affected by damp issues, so homeowners need to be alive to the possibility and quick to contact an expert who can fix the problems before they become chronic.
Can I treat damp in my house by myself?
Unless you have been trained in damp control, it is not advised that you seek to remedy the issues caused by damp in your home. It may be possible to deal with the surface signs of the damp on a DIY basis, but these will only return and get worse unless the source of the issue is identified and remedied in a more permanent way. A Bio-Kil expert will identify the point of ingress of the moisture, and fix this problem first before addressing the more cosmetic problems caused by it.
For essential damp control work in the Dorset region, let us be your trusted experts. We will leave you with a home that is free from the horrors of excess damp both now and in the future.