Rising Damp

Rising damp can strike any home at any time if the conditions are in place. This is why you need to be on the lookout for potential problems. If you do see any signs that your home’s walls might be experiencing rising damp issues, you can contact us here at Bio-Kil. We’re always on hand to make sure that your rising damp problem is tackled at the source and fixed as soon as possible. Acting quickly and in the right way is essential when it comes to issues like these. If you ignore the problem or try to fix it without the right expert approach, it will just get even worse.


Our team of skilled and professional individuals are on hand to make sure that your rising damp problem is tackled as soon as possible. They know the procedure, and they know how to assess the problem that your home currently has. They will carry out a full survey on your home and the walls that are affected by rising damp. This survey will be carried out in accordance with BS6576. That’s the code of practice that should always be used when assessing and diagnosing rising damp cases. As professionals, we do this every time and do things by the book.


If you were to take an amatuer approach or use a differnet company with a less talented team, you might tackle the symptoms but not the cause. This is a major mistake that gets made when it comes to dealing with rising damp. You can’t expect the problem to go away unless you are willing to tackle it properly and comprehensively. That has to be the main focus. If you only fix the symptoms, they will just come back in the future and cause you more problems, which is not what you want to happen at all.


When water from the ground is absorbed by the materials that form your walls, this is when rising damp starts to occur. We will make sure that we get to the bottom of why that water was present and how it began to be absorbed into your walls. By doing this, we can make sure that the root of the problem is discovered as quickly as possible. We can then ensure that every stage of the process is covered in the right way. And you can rest assured that this nightmare of a problem is not going to just come back to cause you more headaches in the future.


If you’re unsure what your problem is and you suspect damp, get in contact with us as soon as possible. We are happy to help you out and have a look at your problem before taking action. Don’t try to diagnose these problems unless you know what you’re talking about. This is not a risk that’s worth taking because the structural integrity of your building could be on the line. Find out contact information on our website and get in touch today for help and guidance.