Timber Preservation

There are all kinds of things that can have a damaging impact on the timber in your home or building. It’s all too common for things like infestations and rot to take hold and cause massive damage to anything made from timber. If this goes untreated, and the problem is not fixed, it can have a massive impact on how structurally sound the building is. It’s entire structure can be put at risk. That’s something that I’m sure you don’t want to happen. At Bio-Kil, we specialise in timber preservation services that aim to keep your home strong and sturdy.


Woodworm is one of the most common problems that can have an impact on the quality and health of the timber in your home. If your home has a problem with woodworm right now, we can offer a specialist service that will eradicate the problem and ensure that it never strikes your home again. It’s common for certain homes built more than 50 years ago to experience this problem. But it can strike all kinds of homes, so it’s important to be aware of it. Only be acting fast and treating the problem can we preserve your timber and keep it secure.


Dry rot is another problem that the timber in your home might be confronted with. It’s important to be aware of this problem and what it looks like. If you think that this problem might be present, we will survey your home and look for any signs of fungal growth or moisture. These are signs that there is a dry rot problem in place. We can then take steps to eradicate the rot and cut out any rotten timber if necessary. What we do will be based on what we see when we have a look at your particular problem because no two cases are exactly the same.


Wet rot is treated in a similar way. Damp areas are found, and then any badly damaged timber can be replaced. This will make the structure more secure, and it will also stop the problem from spreading any further than it already has. This is why it’s so important to act fast. It’s all about stopping the spread and making sure that the problem doesn’t get any bigger or more advanced than it already has. Our team of professionals know how to act rapidly, without ever taking any shortcuts or doing things wrong. Their years of experience and the depth of their knowledge result in the best outcome for you and your home.


If you have any problems or concerns about the timber in your home, don’t waste any time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so get in contact with us and let us solve your problems. We’ll get to work putting everything right and making sure that your home and its timber are in the right shape to keep your protected. You can contact us via the details found on our website, so don’t wait any longer than you already have to take action.