Timber Preservation Askerswell

Dorset and the South of England are home to some beautiful properties. More than just houses, many of these are historical gems that hold many reminders of by gone eras and people long gone. Unfortunately, though these properties have been well built and well looked after, time and the weather are not kind to natural or organic building materials like timber, wattle or thatch.
Damp, moisture, insect infestations and mould can do irreparable damage to these materials and the building as a whole. External features and decorative materials can be replaced, but it is much harder to simple replace the integral structure of the building like beams, support columns and struts that are made from timber. To slow damage and decay of the structure of the building, there are various options in timber preservation. Askerswell property owners and renovation managers should read on for a look at the best timber preservation Askerswell can get.
What is Timber Preservation
Askerswell property managers or homeowners who are proud of their historic properties will rightly want to maintain and protect the building from the damage of time and weather. Timber preservation, Askerswell or elsewhere in the region, is the management and removal of damage to timber that will weaken the wood and is likely to spread. Removing anything that will damage timber in a property will preserve and protect the structure and fabric of the building for the longest possible time.
Timber preservation is an umbrella term that covers a range of solutions that depend on the cause of the damage. There are three main problems that the timber preservation Askerswell properties need can solve.
Wet Rot – damp or moisture can cause wood to rot and encourages the growth of fungi and moulds that will speed the decay of timber. The best timber preservation for wet rot is to remove the cause of the damp to stop the problem continuing. The next step in timber preservation is to replace any damaged timber and treat both the old and new timber with an anti-fungal treatment to resist further damage.
Dry Rot – The timber preservation Askerswell needs for dry rot is like that for wet rot, but it often takes more work to remove all of the fungal infection on the timber and any surrounding brick work.
Woodworm – bus like woodworm can cause serious damage to structural timber, and there are number of practical timber preservation solutions to remove the infestation safely and successfully. For property owners who want to use traditional or organic timber preservation techniques, there are water-based solutions available following a survey by trained experts in timber preservation.
Askerswell Timber Preservation
Askerswell properties with wood damage or that need timber preservation should look no further than Bio-Kil, the local experts in all sorts of damp and moisture damage, remedial work and property care. For the last 30 years Bio-Kil have provided the very best timber preservation Askerswell properties need. If you need timber preservation, Askerswell or elsewhere, contact Bio-Kil today.