Woodworm Treatment Askerswell

Almost all human civilizations have relied on timber in construction to some degree or other, and these days even the most modern houses still tend to use wood as an integral material in construction. From roof tresses to floorboards, interior wall structures and door posts, there is timber all the way through most homes, and Askerswell in Dorset is certainly no exception.
Timber is great for building because it is strong, reliable and long wearing, while also being relatively cheap, lightweight and easy to shape. Until very recently timber beams and posts were the cornerstone of construction, and in many older properties classic wood beams are a highly celebrated feature. Unfortunately, though, strong and useful as wood is, it doesn’t last forever and one of the things property owners need to look out for is woodworm. Woodworm is a danger for any construction with timber, but it is most often found in older properties. Read on for a look at what woodworm is, and where to get the best woodworm treatment Askerswell has to offer.
What is woodworm?
Before we can look at the best woodworm treatment Askerswell has, it is best to understand what woodworm actually is. Woodworm is the general term used when wood has been infected with the larvae of wood boring insects, usually beetles. There are lots of types of bugs that cause woodworm, but the affect is much the same. These creatures find older wood, often where moisture or damp is also present, and bore into the timber to lay their eggs. These then hatch and the infant woodworm(larvae) feed on the cellulose in the wood and carve out tunnels and chambers where they then mature into the adult beetles. Unfortunately, these woodworm infestations damage the wood, weakening the structure of beams and joists, and encourage damage from mould or moisture. Unlike other more traditional infestations or bug problems, woodworm treatment, Askerswell or elsewhere, needs professional building care to make sure no lasting harm affects the building.
Woodworm is not easy to spot, but the most obvious indication is a mass of tiny holes in the wood. The other thing you may see is known as ‘frass’ which is the flour like dust or pellet shaped wood fragments which is pushed out of the timber by the burrowing larvae. Having found evidence of woodworm in your property it is essential that you immediately seek expert woodworm treatment.
Askerswell Woodworm Treatment
Askerswell homeowners want the best for their properties, and the best woodworm treatment Askerswell has to offer is provided by Bio-Kil. As the provider of the best quality woodworm treatment Askerswell has needed for the last 30 years, Bio-Kil’s team of expert remedial building specialists are the best option for all things related to woodworm treatment. With easy to arrange surveys and professional inspections, Bio-Kil are able to offer a range of woodworm treatment options as well as practical services to ensure that your property is protected against all sorts of rot, damp and moisture damage.