Clearing Cavities

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with cavity walls and the vital role they can play in your property. Cavity walls are designed to prevent water penetrating the internal walls of your home. The air space between the inner and outer walls allows any water that does get in to drain down to the footings. However, for this process to work correctly the cavity must be completely clear.
Blocked cavities are fairly common, but should certainly be cleared out as soon as possible. There are a variety of reasons why the cavity may have become blocked. It may not have been cleared correctly when the house was constructed. Debris could have entered during building work or during improvements and repairs. Debris can actually form a bridge that carries moisture across to the interior of the house, which will, unfortunately cause penetrating damp and mould. Even if you’re not planning on having cavity wall insulation installed it is very important that your cavities at home are completely clear.
As discussed, the optimum way to prevent unwanted damp from travelling through the walls of property and causing long term damage to the internal surface of the interior walls within a house is to construct an effective cavity. A cavity can be compromised in a number of different ways which then allows moisture to pass through the inside.
If you want to confirm that your home is suffering from cavity wall damp, then there are a few at home tests you can try out. We highly recommend that you seek out the advice from one of our specialists, but you can also use the back of your hand or a damp meter to assess your individual situation. A damp meter will allow you to assess the moisture in the air within a specific romo over time, but this will not tell you the actual materials that are affected by the damp. It’s a good basis to establish any potential damp issues you have, but then this should be followed up by a home visit from one of our professionals. We will be able to further diagnose the problem, find a workable fix and prevent the same issue from recurring time and time again.
Trying to clear a cavity yourself is not recommended as it takes specialist skills to understand the root of the cause and put special preventative measures into place. Our experts have the ability to remove any rubbish or debris that might be causing damp in your walls, so you can have complete peace of mind that your problem is taken care of.
Get in touch with our team today and see how we could help to clear your cavities and create a safer home environment for you and your family.