Rising Damp Control

Your worst fear as a homeowner is probably the realisation that there is damp or mould in your property. You know it’s notoriously difficult to get rid of and it poses serious health risks to you and the other inhabitants in your building. Although there is no singular cause of damp in a property, there are many ways in which you can prevent it.
If you are in any doubt, Bio-Kill will undertake a thorough inspection to get to the root of the problem you’re facing. We will then be able to recommend the correct treatment for your individual needs, along with a free quotation. You can have complete peace of mind that all of our work is carried out by an experienced and professional team, who pride themselves on delivering work to a high standard. All surveys are also carried out in accordance with BS6576, which is the code of practice for the diagnosis of rising damp in the walls and the installation of chemical damp proof courses.
Bio-Kill have over thirty years of experience in remedial treatments and all inspections are carried out at a time that suits you. Every finer detail will be considered throughout the process and our honest, reliable team members will strive to meet your individual needs no matter what.
Rising damp occurs due to moisture from the ground, which can pass up into the masonry unless an effective barrier is put in place. If you’re living in an older property, you are more likely to be at risk as it is less likely that protective measures have been put in place. More recent properties will usually have a damp course provided, but you should certainly have an inspection carried out for your own peace of mind.
If your home or property starts to become damp, it will deteriorate and there is a further risk of decay to the building. Internal aspects such as skirting boards, floors and plaster are normally the primary concern with damp as they can quickly become damaged. Once we have identified and rectified the problem we will replaster the walls with a waterproof specialist plaster.
We pride ourselves on being the leading Damp & Timber Specialists for damp proofing in London and the Home Counties and are sure that we will be able to help your home to be safer and less hazardous to your family.
Instead of worrying about potential rising damp in your property, you can arrange a survey with our dedicated team. Please contact us, using our contact page or call us on 01202 465069 or 07964 072765. We look forward to hearing from you and putting your mind at ease with an accurate diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.