Dry & Wet Rot & Woodworm.

Wet rot, Dry Rot and Woodworm.
Damage to Timber floor caused by the Woodworm.

Expert solutions for timber rot and infestation

The causes of timber rot are very different but they can all have a devastating and long lasting effect on your property, which is why you need to call in an experienced team to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

At Bio-Kil, we offer a range of treatments to eradicate the problem and secure your property. Surveys are free of charge and we will give you a quotation once the scale of the problem has been identified.

Remember, all treatments are fully guaranteed, so if you detect the signs of wood rot to woodworm, give us a call and we will arrange a convenient time to survey your property.

How to solve timber rot?

  • Wet rot - we find the source of the damp is located and stopped. We can then remove any weakened wood, replace it with treated timber and apply fungicidal treatment to any remaining timber 
  • Dry rot - we find and solve any source of moisture, remove the visible fungal growth and apply a fungicidal treatment to all remaining timber and surrounding brickwork. Any timber that needs to be removed will be replaced with treated timber
  • Woodworm - we provide a range of specialist treatments to eradicate the problem, which is dependent on the degree of the problem. Water based treatments can be used following a survey from our expert team