Sub Floor Ventilation

As a homeowner you always want to ensure your home is fully protected from potential damage, especially damp and moisture. As soon as these deadly elements strike you will be hit with ever growing costs and potential health risks. If you have never heard of sub-floor ventilation then here are a few things you should know.
Sub floor ventilation is becoming a vital aspect of many buildings so that moisture doesn’t begin to damage your brickwork and flooring. If you’re living in a property with a suspended wooden floor that sits above an empty air space between the perimeter walls and ground, there is a risk of humidity building up over time. Over a prolonged period of time the combination of moisture and humidity causes the floor to rot from the underside.
You want to gain peace of mind and avoid this situation as much as possible so that you aren’t facing huge expenses as the problem exacerbates. A clever technique which involves airbricks being places in the wall makes the air flow much more free between the sub-floor void and the outside. It is recommended that an airbrick is inserted into the exterior leaf of the wall and as well as cutting through the interior. This incorporates a through wall cavity sleeve and maintains the air flow to the sub-floor void.
As soon as there is evidence of moisture and damp in your property, you and the other occupants are at risk of serious health issues and a big bill to fix the persistent issues. In this case prevention is always way better than cure. Giving a house better ventilation systems will prevent moist and damp air from taking over the property. Your home might be at extreme risk due to the location of your property too. Many areas in the UK need this type of ventilation to reduce naturally occuring, dangerous gases such as radon and methane.
So if you want to give your property the best start in the battle against moisture, damp, flooding and dangerous gases, contact us for more information. Our airbricks, sleeves and underfloor vents are innovatively designed to adapt to a number of different situations, but are still relatively easy to install. They will introduce a free air flow into your home and eliminate the conditions that cause damp, mould and hazardous gases.
Every property is completely different so our knowledgeable team will be able to assess your precise needs as soon as you get in touch. You will no longer have the worry of impending mould or damp, just a safe and ventilated property that is fit for your family to live in. If you are in any doubt about your home, flat or business property, then don’t hesitate to call upon our services today.